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12 Week Women’s Bodyweight Workout Plan For Weigh Loss

Emily Turner
This is a 5 day workout plan. Which means you workout five-times-a-week. Before starting your workout session you should spend 5 minutes for warming up and stretching. This will enhance flexibility and mobility, and minimizes the risk of injury. And, of course, it will serve as a stepping stone for a good workout.

Fire up your metabolism and get geared up to sweat with this 3 Month Fat Burning No Equipment Circuit Bodyweight Workout Plan for Females.

Basically this is a no-equipment bodyweight circuit program. Concept behind circuit training is to exercise different muscles all at the same time with a short interval between exercises. In circuit training all the exercises are arranged in a circuit. To complete the circuit you have to do all the exercises one after other. Then you repeat the circuit.

Circuit workout programs are pretty intense but that intensity level is achievable even to beginners.

Workout Guidelines
This program is little bit intense, you may feel tired for whole day. Your body needs time to adapt. After 1-2 weeks of training your body will adapt to the style of program. After that everything will be fine.
All workout sessions should be completed within 90 minutes + 5-10 minute for warm-up
If you don’t know to perform the exercises listed in the program, first spend some time to learn them.
Program type: High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT)
Training Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Training Days: 5 days per week
Routine Duration: 3 Month or 12 weeks
Warm up: 5-10 min
Rest interval: 10 to 15 seconds
Diet: High protein diet
Circuit Repetitions: Repeat the circuit 9-10 times

Workout Schedule
Monday: On
Tuesday: On
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: On
Friday: On
Saturday: On
Sunday: Off

Day 1:

Jumping Jack: 1 minute
Mountain Climbers: 1 minute
Reverse lunge with knee up: 1 minute
Squat Jumps: 1 minute
Knee Hugs: 1 minute
Squat with side leg lift: 1 minute
Crunches: 1 minute
Burpee: 1 minute

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