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Ab Workout for Women – All Standing – Waist Exercises – Tone your Abs and Shape your Waist

This 5-minute abs workout targets the waist and abs using cardio & toning exercises. If you are looking to reduce belly fat you do this with a healthy diet as well as cardio abs that way you can safely lose belly fat. This is a moderate pace, beginner-friendly, Standing Abs Cardio Workout. These standing waist exercises target your entire core and the more you do the workout the stronger you will feel, and you will have more control in your core muscles. You will love this waist workout. You can do this at-home ab workout daily as all the moves are safe and effective.

Do let me know how you get on with this 5-minute at Home Workout and don’t forget by doing these 9 ab and waist exercises from a standing position will build you stronger muscles and a tighter waistline.
Lucy xx ( your qualified trainer)

Here are a few playlists you might find useful if you are looking for more home workouts:
AB WORKOUTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NLUQU4GSmc&list=PLMcIqWDasMoYaD17ai2deAJMQ5m_AnY3r




00:01- 00:24 Introduction to 5 Minute Waist and Ab Workout
00:32 -01:07 Quick Waist Warm Up
01:24 Ab Exercise 1 Standing Waist Toner
01:56 Ab Exercise 2 Standing Waist Sculptor
02:29 Ab Exercise 3 Standing Abdominal Crunch
03:04 Ab Exercise 4 Standing Cardio Ab March
03:36 Ab Exercise 5 Standing Waist Toner
04:14 Ab Exercise 6 Standing Waist Sculptor
04:52 Ab Exercise 7 Standing Abdominal Crunch
05:24 Ab Exercise 8 Standing Cardio Ab March
06:01 Bonus Ab Move Belly Fat Exercise
06:46 Waist Stretch
07:05 Well Done and High 5

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