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The 11 Dumbbell Arm Exercises Trainers Swear By

Emily Turner

Dumbbell arm workouts are the way to go if you’re looking to get stronger in your upper body, especially if you don’t have access to tons of equipment and gym machines. With just a few pairs of dumbbells, a solid selection of dumbbell arm exercises, and a consistent routine (trainers recommend at least two strength training sessions per week), you’ll be able to build muscle in your shoulders, triceps, and biceps. (A balanced, protein-rich diet is a must, too.) So what exercises should you include when you’re doing an arm workout with weights? We asked the experts — aka certified personal trainers — and they answered, sharing 11 can’t-miss dumbbell exercises for your arms.

Please note: we definitely don’t recommend doing all these moves in one workout (your arms will not thank you for that). Instead, sprinkle a few throughout your weekly strength-training routine to really work your upper body. You’ll need two dumbbells, so feel free to start with the size that’s most comfortable for you. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start with three- or five-pounders and work your way up. (Here’s a guide for choosing the right weight.) Got your equipment? Keep reading for the dumbbell arm moves that’ll get your muscles shaking.

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