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Try Something New With This 10-Minute Dance Cardio Workout

Emily Turner

Get ready to work out with trainer Jayen Wells, who will be leading this 10-minute beginner’s dance cardio joined by Adele Joven and Brandi Stoessel. In this routine, you’ll start with a quick dance cardio warmup and drill beginner-level moves like the grapevine, step touches, hip grooves, and so much more. If this is your first time incorporating dance cardio into your routine, don’t fret: Wells has got you covered! Be prepared to laugh and dance it out. All you need is some space to move.

Wells’s shirt: Equinox

Wells’s short: Alo Yoga

Joven’s outfit: Alo Yoga

Stoessel’s top: Alo Yoga

Image Source: POPSUGAR Video

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