03 May, 2024

7 Things To Know About Kamala Harris’s Path to the White House

The U.S. vice president-elect’s career has been history-making, but not without controversy   After days of suspense, the swirling uncertainty around the 2020 United States presidential election settled in the late morning of November 7 when news outlets reported Joe Biden as the projected winner. The momentous win for the Democratic party meant, of course, […]

13 mins read

What’s Going on With Indian Farmers and Why Should We Be Paying Attention?

Since November 26, farmers in India have been protesting new legislation, and Canadians are joining in solidarity. Here’s everything you need to know   Across Canada, farmers have been gathering outside consulates in cities like Toronto and Vancouver in support of their counterparts in India, who have been protesting a series of agricultural laws implemented […]

13 mins read