04 May, 2024

This Festive Dance Cardio Session Encourages a Little Family-Friendly Competition

A fun, family-friendly workout set to holiday music? Yes, please. “This is my dream come true, this class,” says fitness instructor Rachel McClusky before diving straight into the full 10-minute session. This full-body workout is quick, high-energy, and the perfect way to spend some quality time with family members throughout the holiday season. You’ll start […]

1 min read

What Does It Really Mean to Engage Your Core?

“You have to engage your core.” There’s an ongoing joke in my house that working your core will fix just about any issue. As a former Pilates instructor, this is my go-to fix-it line. Back pain? Engage your core. Knees hurt going downstairs? Engage your core. Trouble memorizing irregular Spanish verbs? Engage your core. The […]

8 mins read

We Asked Pilates Instructors For the Best Ab Moves — Here’s What They Said

Image Source: Popsugar Photography | Chaunté VaughnProduct Credit: POPSUGAR TPE Yoga Mat, Live the Process bodysuit There’s a reason everyone from celebs and TikTokers to fitness editors is into Pilates right now. This low-impact workout modality combines flexibility, strength, and endurance into exercises that can be done either on a mat or using a reformer […]

12 mins read

Are You a Butt Clencher?

If you’re a parent, the term “clenched butt” might bring to mind a toddler gunning for the potty. For sex educators and havers, meanwhile, it’s an anal-play nonstarter. But to pelvic-floor therapists, butt clenching is the name for a particular peach, posterior, and pelvic-floor position that can lead to a slew of issues — and […]

13 mins read

You Don’t Need to Be in the Cast of “Bachelor in Paradise” to Sweat With Tanner Courtad — He Made a Workout Just for Us

“If you’re breathing hard, just means you’re alive,” fitness personality and “Bachelor in Paradise” star Tanner Courtad assures you in this sweaty 10-minute workout. His high-energy “anywhere” cardio is specifically designed to be done wherever you are, getting your heart racing with just 10 simple movements. Anywhere cardio combines traditional HIIT methodology with a few […]

1 min read

Why the Copenhagen Plank Could Be the Missing Link in Your Leg Day

The plank is one of the most commonly performed core-strengthening exercises, and whether you’re getting your heart-rate up at Barry’s or at home (using a Class FitSugar video, per chance??), there’s a good chance you’ve broken a sweat while doing traditional planks, side planks, reverse planks, and modified planks. Recently, an unfamiliar — and seriously […]

11 mins read

25 Healthy Snacks For People With Diabetes

Now Foods Raw Energy Nut Mix ($10) Nuts, seeds, and fruit are a winning combination when it comes to a diabetes-friendly snack. This snack mix, which is a delicious combination of raw walnuts, pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and raisins, is made with no added sugars, salt, or oils — a feature that isn’t always […]

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