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This Meditation Only Takes 10 Minutes, but It’ll Shift Your Entire Day

Emily Turner

Consider these 10 minutes time well spent. Start your day off right with this 10-minute morning meditation specifically designed to help you find your center. The calming energy of certified meditation guide and breathwork coach Kristina Joy encourages you to slow down and prioritize yourself. Through the use of mantras and specific imagery, Joy gives you tools to focus and set intentions for the day ahead, breathing in new energy as you shed the old. This quick but effective guide is also great for anyone focusing on gratitude, providing the space to acknowledge what might otherwise be taken for granted. Joy’s guidance might only last 10 minutes, but it’ll shift your entire mindset.

This particular practice is best done first thing in the morning in order to facilitate clarity, motivation, and positivity throughout the day, but you can do it whenever you need a quick reset. All you need is a comfortable space and 10 minutes for a clearer, more grounded morning.

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Kristina Joy‘s outfit: top: Free People; shorts: Aritzia; bra: ASOS

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