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❤️ 5 Tips for Beginning Yoga ~ Over 40 (45) ~ How I Got Started ~ Yoga Beginner (3 yrs)

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YOGA POSES DICTIONARY (Keep in mind that a lot of poses have variations):


Tips for Beginning Yoga

#1 Us the Internet – Google “Beginner Yoga Poses”
stretches that seem very doable for your level of limberness or flexibility, but don’t underestimate the look of a stretch or pose.
Remember- the goal is to become more flexible and limber so don’t limit yourself. Your stretches are supposed to feel comfortably, uncomfortable. If you are so uncomfortable that you’re finding your stretches difficult to breath through, chances are you are over doing it. Respect your body, respect your joints, your muscles, and your flexibility.

#2 Get a Yoga Matte or some Yoga Socks!
The last thing you want to do is start slipping while you’re holding a pose. Not only can that make practicing yoga unenjoyable, you also risk injury

#3 Understand that most people are more limber and flexible on one side of their body than the other.

#4 Practice Patience! – Don’t be in a rush and don’t let other people’s level of ability intimidate or discourage you. For a lot of us, it’s a slow process. Especially if are like me and decided to begin yoga in your 40’s. 🙂

#5 Make sure you use proper form when doing your yoga poses.
You don’t want to be doing poses repetitively that are improper form because it could ultimately lead to injury. When the technique of yoga is compromised, the body is placed at an increased risk of injury.

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