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10 min Pilates Full Body Workout with Lottie Murphy

Emily Turner
London pilates pro Lottie Murphy brings you a strong full body pilates workout from the comfort of your home, with a session designed to work your abs, legs, and arms. A Pilates workout consists of low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements perfect for all levels from begginers to fitness experts. Engage your entire body over this 10 minute mat routine, then flow into a relaxing cool down.

Exercises covered in this video:
• Shoulder bridge
• Criss Cross
• One Hundred
• Roll up
• Roll back
• Side Kick
• Kneeling side kick
• Plank to leg raise
• Single leg DFD
• Flow
• Teaser

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Lottie Murphy has practiced Pilates since the age of 16, which allowed her to remain uninjured, fit and healthy for a whole 3 years of intense training at Ballet college.
She followed her love of pilates after dance college and in 2012 trained with the respected Body Control Pilates in London and is UK Level 3 Mat qualified as well as holding qualifications in the Reformer and Chair Pilates.

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