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25 Minute DUMBBELL Arms & Abs EMOM Workout [Circuit Strength Training]

Tap in with us for a 25 Minute Arms & Abs Dumbbell Strength Workout 🔥
The format of this workout is EMOM style which stands for “every minute on the minute”. We will designate a certain amount of reps for each exercise and then once completed, the remaining time left within that minute is your rest period. We highly recommend using multiple pairs of weights if you have them, otherwise you may need to adjust the reps (Juice used 25lb dumbbells and Toya used 10lb -15lb dumbbells). We’ve included a workout guide within the video to help you modify the workout if needed.

Be sure to track your progress over time with this workout and challenge yourself to increase weight or resistance over time. Drop a comment and let us know if you would enjoy more EMOM style workouts like this 🔥

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