4 Luxury Holiday Gift Sets Worth the Splurge
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4 Luxury Holiday Gift Sets Worth the Splurge

Emily Turner

Get ready to celebrate the holiday season the KILIAN PARIS way with their limited-edition collection featuring the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Giving the perfect holiday gift is an art, one that reflects how well we know and understand our loved ones. What better way to convey your sentiments than through the captivating world of fragrance? Choosing the right fragrance for a loved one creates a bespoke, lasting impression that can imprint a deep sensory memory, linking the giver and the recipient. The perfect way to paint these evocative olfactive narratives? KILIAN Paris.

A prestigious name in the world of perfumery, KILIAN Paris has inscribed its legacy with a devotion to composing exquisite bouquets of aromas. Founded by none other than Kilian Hennessey and his penchant for pushing creative boundaries, this Parisian fragrance house combines the deep heritage of luxury with a spirited approach to what we like to call “scent stories.” Meticulously crafted with the finest, ethically sourced ingredients, all KILIAN Paris fragrances are deeply rooted in storytelling, often inspired by Kilian’s personal experiences and passions—both artistry and individuality can be found in every single bottle. And with that in mind, we’ve curated a gift guide to help you find the perfect scent narrative to gift every icon in your life.

For the It Girl

Pulling you in with a tender orange blossom absolute opening and keeping you there with the soft caresses of juicy honeysuckle, plush rose and luscious marshmallow sugar accord over a sensual amber base, Love Don’t Be Shy is tailored for someone who not only adores the opulent but indulges in the profound moments of intimacy and passion. The limited edition Love Don’t Be Shy Icon Set includes refillable full and travel-size bottles of the fragrance, along with a white lacquered Talisman filled with the same fragrance.

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For the Globe-trotting Romantic

If Love Don’t Be Shy sounds perfect for someone you know and they’re always on the go, consider gifting them Love Don’t Be Shy Travel Essentials. Complete with a white and gold Kilian Talisman and the iconic scent in four interpretations—the original and Extrême eau de parfum sprays, eau fraîche and hair mist—this set will complete the scented ritual of any jet-setting lover, positioning them to create lasting memories and curbing their cravings to evoke an enchanting atmosphere of love and allure wherever they go.

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For the Creative Spirit

Housing five powerhouse fragrances from the KILIAN Paris family—Love Don’t Be Shy, Good Girl Gone Bad, Black Phantom ‘MEMENTO MORI,’ Straight to Heaven and Angels’ Share—the Miniature Perfume Set is the quintessential treasure chest for any insatiable lover of life who just wants it all. The diverse range of scents in this fragrance collection will help your gift recipient and anyone around them embark on an olfactory journey that spans the spectrum of human experience, savour every moment, and both embrace and find joy in exploration. It’s perfect for individuals who are unapologetically passionate *and* for those you want to encourage to let go and live life the way they want to.

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For the Enigmatic Temptress

Good Girl Gone Bad embodies the captivating paradox of a fragrance that dances on the fine line between innocence and seduction. Also complete with a white and gold Kilian Talisman and four interpretations of the scent—the original and Extrême eau de parfum sprays, eau fraîche and hair mist—the Good Girl Gone Bad Travel Essentials set completes a scent narrative featuring notes of orange blossom, osmanthus, tuberose, milky toffee and jasmine sambac. Sweet and sultry, the duality of this fragrance starts with an air of purity and charm and dries down to reveal the wearer’s audacious side, making it the perfect gift to help anyone season their every move with intrigue, mystery and allure.

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