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7 Minute Lose Belly Fat Workout – Beginners Weight Loss Workout – No Jumping Workout all Standing

This workout is designed to help reduce belly fat and we do a mix of cardio and exercises that target the waist and abs using full-body moves.
To lose belly fat, we must focus on a healthy diet, regular exercise and standing cardio abs. In this home workout, I explain in detail how we can effectively reduce visceral fat (also known as hidden fat) which is essential for our health.

I have provided you with 7 Tips for healthy weight loss with this home exercise routine.

As a qualified trainer, I want to teach you how this is about a lifestyle, I have helped thousands of people with my 25 years of experience get the best results and successfully lose belly fat.

This is why I have the most successful Belly Fat Video on YouTube with over 133 Million downloads. https://youtu.be/yL_dE81O_mw

So remember a caloric deficit will lead to fat loss, including belly fat loss! Do this 7 min ab home workout for great results. This is a moderate pace, beginner-friendly, Standing Abs Cardio Workout. Use it to burn calories but also to practice controlling your core muscles. Take controlled moves while keeping your abs contracted (pulled in) throughout this workout.
I teach you to focus pulling in your core!
You can do this workout for 7 days or 14 days and create your own challenge, to help you include more core work in your routine! This workout will target the entire body and your core from a standing position leading to stronger muscles and a tighter waistline.



00:01 Introduction to How To Lose Belly Fat and How the 7-Minute Workout Works
00:38 Warm-Up
01:21 7-Minute Belly Fat Workout
01:35 Belly Fat Standing Ab Cardio Crunch
01:58 Standing Waist Toner
02:19 How To Lose Belly Fat Tip 1
02:35 Belly Fat Standing Ab Cardio Crunch
02:55 Standing Abs Cardio Punches
03:12 How To Lose Belly Fat Tip 2
03:35 Belly Fat Standing Ab Cardio Crunch
03:57 Standing Abs Waist Twists
04:21 How To Lose Belly Fat Tip 3
04:34 Belly Fat Standing Ab Cardio Crunch
04:56 Standing Ab Fat Burner
05:17 How To Lose Belly Fat Tip 4
05:37 Belly Fat Standing Ab Cardio Crunch
05:54 Standing Muffin Top Melt Down Left Side
06:21 How To Lose Belly Fat Tip 5
06:35 Belly Fat Standing Ab Cardio Crunch
06:55 Standing Muffin Top Meltdown Right Side
07:11 How To Lose Belly Fat Tip 6
07:33 Belly Fat Standing Ab Cardio Crunch
07:54 Standing Core and Ab Toner
08:10 How To Lose Belly Fat Tip 7
08:40 Cool Down Stretch
10:05 High Five and Well Done
10:10 7-Day Lose Belly Fat Challenge Tick Chart
10:18 14-Day Lose Belly Fat Challenge Tick Chart

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