Alexa Chung Doesn’t Own a Full-Length Mirror
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Alexa Chung Doesn’t Own a Full-Length Mirror

Emily Turner
Alexa Chung at the Chanel Métiers d’Art 2024 show. Copyright CHANEL

Here, the perennial It girl talks to ‘FASHION’ about style at 40, plus 20 of her most memorable looks.

What’s this? Style icon and perennial It girl Alexa Chung doesn’t own a full-length mirror? How does she know her look is working if she can’t see more than her head and shoulders in her bathroom mirror?

“You have to vibe it out. Do what feels right,” she shared after Chanel’s Metiers d’Art show in Manchester on December 7. Chung was kitted out in a tweed Chanel coat, black leather shorts, (non-Chanel) thermal vest, and black patent knee boots that, she moaned, are completely sold out (she was wearing borrowed samples).

Chung described how her style is shifting since her birthday in November. “I’m really into a power shoulder and leaning more ’80s than ’60s since turning 40,” she says. “Kind of like Sharon Stone in Casino or Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and it’s cocktail hour and I’m with a gang.”

She also says that what people see on social media isn’t a totally accurate depiction of her style. “I don’t think my friends would recognize that person because day to day I mostly wear jeans, jumpers (sweaters) and menswear,” she lists. Because she doesn’t have a full-length mirror she can’t shoot her reflection, so what gets shared are her event and going out looks which are captured by others.

So why doesn’t Chung invest in a full-length mirror? Up until now she’s been living in tight quarters, she explains. But that’s about to change. “My new house in East London which is almost ready will have a full dressing room with mirrored sliding doors. That was a prerequisite for the entire design.”

Click through below to see some of our favourite and most iconic Alexa Chung looks.

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