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FREE 2-Week Workout Program: SplitStrong 35 (New Videos Daily!)

Take your strength training to the next level with this FREE Workout Program: SplitStrong 35!!

A 2-week, FULL BODY workout plan with new workout videos DAILY — 35-minutes a day, 5-days a week.

This is different than any of our free workout plans because a new workout drops EVERY. SINGLE. DAY of the challenge! That’s 10 NEW VIDEOS!

This free workout program is designed to help you build strength at home, using just a set of dumbbells.

👉🏼 Find all of the SplitStrong 35 Workouts in this Youtube playlist:

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This plan follows a 5 Day Workout Split:
►5 NEW Workouts Per Week
►35 Minutes A Day
►2 Rest Days Per Week

⭐️WEEK 1:
▪️Day 1: Legs + Back Workout – https://youtu.be/gsFbHHIbHoQ
▪️DAY 2: Upper Body PUSH Workout (Shoulders, Triceps, Chest and Cardio) – https://youtu.be/7bVaKI0DTgs
▪️DAY 3: Legs + Butt Workout – https://youtu.be/3mxycyr-Djs
▪️DAY 4: 15 Minute Power Yoga + Abs – https://youtu.be/N9keRXUIsmc
▪️DAY 5: Dumbbell Cardio Ab Workout (Core Conditioning #1) – https://youtu.be/MDCf72XJtzo

⭐️WEEK 2:
▪️DAY 6: Legs + Chest Workout – https://youtu.be/UHmlhF12kMU
▪️DAY 7: Upper Body PULL Workout (Back, Biceps and Cardio) – https://youtu.be/AA4M_xu0BIk
▪️DAY 8: Unilateral LEGS Workout – https://youtu.be/mM5tnP3Uh2I
▪️DAY 9: 10 Minute Mobility Flow – https://youtu.be/nlH6pyo1nSI
▪️DAY 10: Cardio and Ab Workout With Weights (Core Conditioning #2) – https://youtu.be/DhuM4wYlDfY


►What fitness level is this program for?
This is designed to be challenging for all fitness levels. It’s a moderate to advanced workout plan, but modifications are offered for all fitness levels. You always have the option to cut back to 3 days a week in add in more rest days to make this plan work for you.

►How heavy should my dumbbells be?
1. Beginners — a good starting place for this workout is 5-10 lb weights.
2. More Advanced Fitness Enthusiasts — 10-30 lbs (I’m using 15lb and 20 lb dumbbells in these workout videos).
**Muscle definition comes from building muscle. Building muscle happens with progressive overload (increasing your weights).

►🤰Is this workout Pregnancy/Postpartum Friendly? This program was not designed for pregnancy/postpartum, but this strength training program can be applied to pregnancy and postpartum. Take low impact options as needed, avoid twisting motions, and sub a pregnancy-safe ab exercise (such as bird dog, or modified planks) for any core exercises.

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