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FULL BODY SCULPT at home workout for women | Day 3 (optional sliders)

This Full Body Sculpt and Lean Out Workout that you can do without any equipment or use sliders is a great way to to tone up from head to toe! To end todays workout you are going to love our meditation I have for you! Give it a try 🙏🏻 Comment below “3” when you’ve already completed Day 3!

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Disclaimer: Everyone’s results are going to be different and that is what makes us all so unique! You cannot spot target fat. What you can do is target certain muscles you want to grow and sculpt.

00:00 New Year 5 Day Challenge – Day 3
00:35 Start Exercises to Sculpt Your Body at home
00:44 Slider Lunges – Right
01:19 Static Lunges – Right
02:10 Slider Leg Circles – Right
03:00 Slider Reverse Lunges – Right
03:46 Slider Squats – Right
04:34 Slider Lunges – Left
05:20 Static Lunges – Left
06:09 Slider Leg Circles – Left
06:52 Slider Reverse Lunges – Left
07:40 Slider Squats – Left
08:20 Start of Ab Exercises with Sliders
09:10 Ab Roller
09:52 Narrow Push Up
10:50 Side Slide – Right
11:35 Side Slide – Left
12:24 REPEAT last 5 exercises
16:03 Complete Exercises to Sculpt Your Body at home
16:24 Introduction to Meditation
19:00 Guided Breathing Meditation
20:40 Meditation Techniques
21:47 Reflect on all the incredible accomplishments you achieved in 2022
23:43 Visualize how you’re going to show up
26:13 Who are you surrounding yourself with?
28:02 Think about what you want to experience and achieve

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