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Heat Up Your Summer With This 5-Day Break-a-Sweat Workout Challenge

Emily Turner

The sun is out, temps are rising, and carefree summer vibes abound. Why not channel that energy into your workout routine? This five-day, break-a-sweat workout challenge, courtesy of Class FitSugar, is all about celebrating the season with movement.

You’ll join NASM-certified trainer Maricris Lapaix and ACE-certified trainer Cassidy Rhodes for five different at-home-friendly workouts, all 30 minutes or less. You’ll blast through a standing-cardio workout, a full-body HIIT, an upper-body and core strength routine, a 10-minute core burnout, and finally a foam-roller release. The goal: get moving every single day — and, yes, break a sweat.

You won’t need any major equipment for these workouts, just a workout mat or soft surface to train on, a foam roller, and a set of dumbbells (light to medium weight). That said, you’ll be able to modify all moves to work without dumbbells if you don’t have them.

Sound like a plan? Check out the challenge on YouTube, or watch the workouts here. Either way, you’ll be leaving sweaty and with a smile on your face.

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