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HOLD THE YOGA POSE CHALLENGE!! 🧘‍♀️#shorts #short #yoga

Emily Turner
who on the rock squad is the best at yoga and flexibility? @Dixon Sisters @peja or @Nayeli Lo Vera ? yoga, flexibility and strength challenges are good for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts and often go viral on youtube shorts and are trending on tiktok! we challenge Jordan Matter’s daughter salish to try this challenge with Rebecca zamolo!The royalty family should do this challenge with the anasala family, that would be a viral short! do you watch tiktok or youtube shorts more? youtube is much better than tiktok! who is excited for this weekend! we are posting a last to sleep challenge with the ninja fam, the fun squad and the wonders! it’s going to be epic! Ashton myler will be posting a hide and seek video that is so much fun and will be trending for sure!
did you watch our recent video where jentzen and elliana became parents for 24 hours? It was so hilarious? do you think they are good parents? one thing is for sure that @elliana would win this flexibility challenge for sure! comment what shorts we should do next!

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