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If You Love Indoor Cycling, You Need These 9 Leggings

Emily Turner

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In the time we spent primarily at home over the last couple of years, we discovered all kinds of at-home workouts, and fell particularly in love with indoor cycling. It’s such an effective workout, the at-home bike doesn’t require a massive amount of space, and the endorphin rush is almost immediate. Plus, if you’re someone who has knee issues, cycling is a great cardio option. Now that gyms and studios are back open, we’re starting to take class again, but the love of indoor cycling has persisted. Now that you’ve got your cycling shoes in hand, you need a great pair of leggings, and that’s where we come in.

These nine leggings are our top choices for indoor cycling workouts. I personally use my stationary bike two to three times a week, so I know what I’m looking for in a legging. You want something that’s comfortable and lightweight, that won’t ride down, and will wick sweat beautifully, because there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re sitting in a puddle, or are at risk of sliding right off your seat. Whether you’re excited to be back at your local studio or are obsessed with your Peloton bike, these leggings will be your top choice. Keep on reading to shop our top selects, and here’s to a new personal record!

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