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Importance of Yoga for Women -TWC

Emily Turner
Importance of Yoga for Women -TWC
Successful, Multi-tasking, Parent, Workaholic, Home-Maker and Essence of a family. Today’s woman has surpassed the odds to deserve these tags. But, have they also got along Stress, Frustration and Pressure? Yoga is the answer for the advanced Woman of today!
“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” ― Nora Ephron
Every woman aspires to be like her mother, grandmother or aunt when it comes to carry-out the family-functions. But here you are, fulfilling all the needs, perhaps multitasking a little more than other female-members of your family!
Today’s woman is much more than her traditional role of a housewife, a mother or a daughter. Her extended roles that foray beyond her four walls, she plays an equal role in the decisions of socio-economic and political life she leads. She is a multi-faceted, dynamic and uniquely influential part of our society and is forever striving for perfection in every aspect of life.
However, to carry out all her roles with grace, flair and perfection, it is essential that women maintain good health, mental peace and poise in life. And what could be the best way to attain all of these in a single stroke??!
I call the magic, “Yoga”. I am sure all those who’ve experienced the strength of a good Yoga workout, would agree that Yoga is an essential task as the roles they play have become even more demanding and complex. Moreover, the responsibilities thrust upon them by nature are greater than men.

Story of TWC Pakistan

The Wonderful Club (TWC) was started in October 2008 by Professor (late) Wasiq Mehmood at Model Town Park, Lahore. Professor had a yearning that people must exercise as a preventive or alternate medicine. He used to invite the people to join his exercise session. Mostly he chanted slogans such as “WONDERFUL” and “Sehat k sodey muft lut loo”. Professor trained a young, dedicated man Mr. Muhammad Azam who is an engineer and doing job in TPPL (oil company). He was transferred to Karachi in 2009.

Mr. Azam started first chapter of TWC at Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi and after that Al-Murtaza Park, PECHS, Karachi. He trained a team in Karachi to expand the message of TWC.

In 2012 Mr. Azam transferred back to Lahore, where he continued his mission which is expanding day & night. He has trained a team of ladies & gents who are providing these services without any interest and the only fees charged is “smile & prayers”

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