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Kick-Start Your Day With This 10-Minute Beginner HIIT Routine

Emily Turner

Get ready to work out with trainer Chelsey Cioli, who will be leading this 10-minute beginner HIIT workout while joined by class members Paris Nicole and Poofy Moffitino. In this routine, you’ll start with a quick warmup that includes hip circles, hamstring stretches with spinal twists, thread the needles, and tabletop press-ups. Then be prepared to increase the intensity with side planks, leg lifts, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, push-ups, shadowboxing, and more. This routine offers plenty of modifications and advancements, so it’s a great option for beginners and advanced exercisers alike. All you need is a mat to get started!

Outfits: Jolyn

Shoes: APL

Image Source: POPSUGAR Video

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