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Lil Nas X Was the Best-Dressed Guest at NYFW

Emily Turner
Photography courtesy of Coach

He’s having a great time, and it shows.

New York Fashion Week may be coming to a close, but we’ll always have the memories. From the endless street style inspiration to the chaotic viral runways, there’s plenty to talk about. But right now, we’d like to focus our attention on Lil Nas X, who so generously used his spot at the Fall 2023 front rows to give us his own personal fashion show.

It’s impossible to try to guess what Lil Nas X will wear on any given day, and that is precisely why witnessing his style is such a treat. Whether he’s delivering extravagant red-carpet theatrics or trolling the world on Twitter, the Grammy-winning artist never misses a chance to perform. With the help of stylist Hodo Musa, his looks can veer anywhere from daring to otherworldly, and this week was no different. He brought feathers. He brought rhinestones. He brought an impressive amount of textures. But most of all, he brought good vibes. Case in point: the headpiece.

While attending the Christian Cowan show on February 14, the rapper made a splash in an opulent ensemble that would without a doubt make Elton John proud. His silk lavender suit and bedazzled platform heels somehow looked pared down compared to the towering pink feathers crowning his head. But when worn by him, even this attention-grabbing get-up wasn’t offensively over-the-top. Ahead of the show, the 23-year-old was spotted relocating to the back row to avoid hitting anyone. (That’s on self-awareness!)

Like the true performer he is, Lil Nas X’s style completely transformed at the Thom Browne show that same day. Sitting in the front row, he sported a luxe deep green paisley satin robe with the label’s famous dog-shaped Hector bag to match. The final touches included a spiky nose accessory and a pair of rounded glasses. Relaxed businessman or elevated Harry Potter-core? We don’t know, but we’re intrigued.

Head-to-toe coordination was also the star’s style memo at the Coach show on February 13. Looking Valentine’s Day-ready, Lil Nas X’s red (and very fuzzy) ensemble comprised a shearling jacket, furry heels, and a matching crimson bag from the label. The flirty look was brimming with sweetness, from his bejewelled manicure to his rhinestone-embellished makeup to the red lollipop perpetually in his hand.

Coach Fall 2023 Runway Show
Photography courtesy of Coach

At the LaQuan Smith show, he switched gears yet again in an edgy leather outfit that gave new meaning to the Matrix aesthetic. Walking to his seat in a pair of platform square-toed boots, the singer’s burgundy trench complemented the crop top he had on underneath (something that, in our humble opinion, more men should be wearing). With glossy cat-eye makeup to top it all off, the gender-bending ensemble was a futuristic vision.

Photography by Getty Images

To mark the near-end of NYFW, he looked decidedly cozier (understandable) on the evening of February 14. When stopping by Open To All Entertainment (OTA), a community space that celebrates ballroom culture, he brought a blast of colour in an oversized shearling jacket with blocks of yellow, green, and red.

The best part of this revolving door of looks? They’re dripping in elaborate detail. From the 3D nail designs at Coach to the rhinestones adorning each eye at Christian Cowan, each seemingly minute component of a Lil Nas X outfit works together to tell a story of personal expression. And that story is important.

As an openly queer artist who never shies away from flamboyant fashion, the Montero rapper has been credited for helping to revolutionize the hip hop industry. More and more, he and his maximalist style are becoming a fixture in high-fashion spaces. He walked the Coach runway in September 2022. He’s been rubbing shoulders with Anna Wintour at industry events. Not to mention, he possesses a rare talent for extreme outfit changes. (This is a man who once switched from a bejewelled suit to a voluminous dress in the bathroom at the 2021 BET Awards.) Point is, Lil Nas X is having fun with fashion, and it shows.

In fact, the star recently told Vogue he wants to one day start his own clothing line, adding that he hopes to “bring something brand new to the industry.” As fashion month carries on and his experimental looks continue to turn heads, we may just get a glimpse of what exactly that could look like. But in the meantime, we’re just thankful for the crop tops.

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