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My Before and After workout meal for muscle gain | Vegetarian Bodybuilding

Emily Turner
Hi! Here is My current Pre and post workout Meals as a vegetarian and as i mentioned in the video itself that each and every meal has its own importance, likewise i have explained the reason for consuming these particular meals
I think people would question about the protein content, so here’s the Details

Meal # 1 32.2 gm Protein
Besan: 24 gm ( i used Radhani besan here)
1 tomato + 1 Onlion: 1.6 gm
200 ml Double toned milk: 6.6 gm

Meal# 2 15.5 gm Protein
Oats: 6.3 gm
Milk: 8.2 gm
Banana: 1 gm

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