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Rest Rituals: Dreamwork Practice

Emily Turner

Take some time to reflect on the elements of your dream. How might it relate to the question you asked? Perhaps it doesn’t make sense yet, and that’s okay. Just keep opening up communication. At some point, there will be a more consistent dialogue.

As you begin to engage in this process in a consistent manner, your unconscious mind will begin to open up to you more and more. Sometimes your dreams will let you know about situations before you even ask.

Reprinted with permission from “Rest Rituals” by Valerie Oula © 2022, published by Sterling Ethos.

Valerie Oula is the founder of Modern Ritual NYC, a holistic lifestyle offering for mind, body and soul.

As a meditation instructor, Reiki master teacher and energy healing practitioner, she shares her passion for vibrational medicine through integrative sessions, classes, workshops, events and trainings worldwide. She is the author of “A Little Bit of Reiki” from Sterling Publishing and the director of vibrational energy healing at THE WELL.

Valerie creates an energetic haven for students and clients to unwind, process and become more resourced ; creating sacred space for all to be more present in their lives.

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