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Sarah Hyland’s Sourse Chocolates Are Officially My Fave New Supplement

Emily Turner

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Taking supplements in pill form isn’t an easy task — after all, swallowing a big, bland-tasting capsule whole is not exactly an enjoyable experience. So, when I heard about new dark-chocolate-infused supplements called Sourse, I thought they might make taking my supplements a bit more tolerable.

I learned that Sourse is a wellness brand cofounded by actress Sarah Hyland. She joined the team as a cofounder and creative director in 2021 with hopes to “develop life-changing products that benefit everyone who tries them.” She said in a press release, “I have poured my heart and soul into creating this sweet treat with wellness in mind.”

Currently, there are five products you can pick from: Beauty Bites, which contain biotin for “stronger, longer hair and nails”; Energy Bites, which contain caffeine and L-theanine for “calm energy”; Glow Bites, which contain plant-based collagen for “hydrated smooth skin”; Hype Bites, which contain vitamin B12 for “energy, clarity, and focus”; and Mood Bites, which contain saffron and vitamin D for a “balanced mood.” All of the bites are vegan and gluten free and contain a dark-chocolate center blended with key ingredients.

Each ingredient has its own benefits (more on that below), and the dark-chocolate component also serves a function. Dark chocolate is derived from cocoa-tree seeds, which, according to family-medicine doctor Carrie Lam, MD, are one of the best sources of flavonoids and antioxidants. Dr. Lam tells POPSUGAR that flavonoids “aid in protecting your skin from UVB damage.” Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD, MPH, RD, senior dietitian at RR-UCLA Medical Center, says that flavonoids in dark chocolate can help “arteries produce nitric oxide, which can help open up arteries and lower blood pressure.”

Dr. Lam says “dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation,” and the recommended serving for each bag of Sourse supplements is two pieces.

Considering all the benefits and product options, I of course said yes when the Sourse team asked me if I’d like to try the entire line of bites. Read on to learn what I thought of each product and how the supplements made me feel — both right away and after a couple of weeks.

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