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Test Your Pain Tolerance With Chris Hemsworth’s 50-Rep Dumbbell Challenge

Emily Turner

Chris Hemsworth and his legendary muscles are back with another workout challenge, and this might actually be the one that makes us collapse. The Thor: Love and Thunder star and founder of the Centr fitness app shared the 50-rep, full-body strength workout on Instagram today, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Requiring only two dumbbells (and a strong pain tolerance), the routine hits upper body, lower body, and core in just five compound exercises.

We know what you’re thinking: only five moves? Just dumbbells? How hard can it be? This is Chris Hemsworth that we’re talking about, so obviously, the answer to that is: very hard. The god of thunder doesn’t skimp when it comes to his workouts, as the routines he’s shared in the past have confirmed. Whether he’s sweating it out in a bodyweight cardio circuit or testing his strength with battle ropes and medicine balls, Hemsworth has a reputation for pushing himself to the limit. And if you’ve ever tried one of his workouts yourself, you know that his limit is probably a little different from ours. (Understandable, because most of us don’t play a famously muscular literal god on screen.)

So what can you expect from Hemsworth’s latest workout? This dumbbell routine consists of 10 reps of five strength exercises for a total of (do the math with us) 50 reps. Each of the exercises works multiple muscle groups, which makes it simultaneously more efficient (because you’re working lots of muscles at once) and way tougher.

It’s a lot, but Hemsworth offers one ray of hope: “Every 10 reps the exercise will change,” Hemsworth writes in the workout’s caption, “but the difficulty gets easier.” There’s no rest time built into the workout, which definitely ups the challenge factor, but if you try the workout for yourself, be sure to take breaks as needed. Don’t forget to warm up before and cool down afterward, too!

Chris Hemsworth’s 50-Rep Dumbbell Challenge Strength Workout

The workout is part of a series of eight routines Hemsworth and Centr are sharing on Instagram, all filmed on the deck of a naval ship. (In case you were wondering what kind of floating helipad he’s doing burpees on.) Watch Hemsworth demo the moves above, grab a sweat towel and a large glass of water, and try this Thor-approved strength challenge.

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