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The Latest Fashion Girl Accessory? A Bike, Of Course

Emily Turner
Photo courtesy of ImaxTree

The girls that get it, get it.

The fashion world has a new ‘it’ accessory: the bike. While eco-conscious Europeans from Amsterdam to Antwerp have long favoured two wheels, trendsetters flocking to Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 proved that good taste and the ever-practical bicycle don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

So, how do you look cute when you’re pedalling away? Shorts and pants still rule Copenhagen’s streets, but almost anything goes including skirts and dresses that allow for plenty of movement. Just remember to avoid too much volume or length—chain snags and oil stains are decidedly un-chic.

And don’t forget accessories. Opt for a stylish backpack, crossbody bag or hanging tote to free up your hands. (A bouquet of flowers in the front basket won’t hurt either.)

Whether you rent a city bike or have one of your own that’s gathering dust, now’s the time to hop on two wheels and enjoy the ride. Click through the gallery below for all the delicious outfit inspiration you could want, direct from Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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