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What’s it like training as a woman? Well….
I think it’s massively important to understand that as a woman we go through so much and certain things are not the same for a man. My reasoning to make this post it to assure you that you’re doing really really great but go easy on yourself at times.

1. PERIODS: not spoken enough in our industry and highly under considered by most trainers (including me for a long time) where you are in your cycle will determine how much energy you have/ strength you can exert and mood you are in. You’re period plays a big month to month factor! There is inevitable one month out of a week I feel exhausted during my lifts.

2. This old school myth of women who lift looking manly needs to really stop. Unless you’re enhancing your “muscle growth” your body can only grow muscle at a certain natural rate. Yes you can developer muscle areas more with the right training/ consistency but still… you can only develop so far.

3. This is a no brainer… we all know the better the gym set the better you train

4. Again, females hormones are temperamental things! Women naturally store more fat around their “lower belly” area for reproductive reasons. It’s Normal! It protects your lady bits.

5. Strength training isn’t just about how it’s making you look, it’s the foundation for EVERYTHING! Skeletal system/ muscular development/ being able to do day to day things. Nearly all professional athletes do some form of strength training!

Bottom line! As a woman our bodies do go through so much! So be gentle/ keep lifting and don’t worry about myths if it makes you feel good… keep doing it.
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