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Venus Williams Jokes Serena Is “Permanently Disinvited” From Her Home After TikTok Callout

Emily Turner

Working out with Venus is alwaus fun times. I’m her personal troll. #2023 #fyp

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Venus Williams and Serena Williams proved that some sibling battles never truly end. On April 25, Serena dug up the age-old drama that ensues when a sibling takes something from you and “forgets” to give it back. “I’m here to confess that my sister is a thief,” she said in a TikTok video, calling her sister out for stealing her workout gear. “Here’s evidence.” While standing in Venus’s at-home workout studio, Serena turned the camera away from herself to pan over a rack holding a dozen multi-colored workout balls and several dumbbells.

“I’m trying not to complain; I’m just trying to be positive here.”

“I’m at Venus’s house and clearly this is where all my workout balls went but I’m trying not to complain; I’m just trying to be positive here,” Serena said. Next, she panned to a pilates reformer in the center of the room. This amazing reformer was once mine so I keep asking her for some money [as payment] but she’s outright refused,” Serena continued. In the background, Venus was training on the floor as Serena continued to examine the studio for more borrowed belongings.

“She needs to be brought to justice. That’s an ‘S’ on that towel,” Serena said, laughing as she zoomed in on an embroidered hand towel in the corner of the room. As Venus continued her workout, Serena decided to confront her sister face-to-face. “These things are mine. What else in here is mine?” she asked. Before the video came to a close, Serena turned the camera toward her dog, Chip, who was standing near a workout mat in the middle of the room. “Is that, in fact, my dog?” she asked jokingly. “That is my dog. Mmhm.”

The same day, Venus kept the playful feud going when she re-shared Serena’s TikTok video on her Instagram Story. Permanently disinvited from my home,” Venus captioned the video of her sister calling her out alongside a face-palm emoji. The hilarious saga came to a close when Serena re-shared Venus’s Story, writing, “My mistake my bad sorrry.”

While the Williams sisters have dominated together on the courts, their lighthearted social media exchange is proof that even world-renowned athletes have sisterly spats every now and then.

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