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WEEK 1 | Weight Training for Beginners | 3 Workouts/Week

Hey, guys!

Welcome to Week One of our 4 Week Beginner Gym Workout Guide!

Throughout this workout guide, I’ll be taking you through a weight training routine for beginners and provide three workouts per week. This is a great gym beginner’s workout guide to get more comfortable with basic gym equipment and become more familiar with common exercises.

We’ll start with the basics, and gradually increase the intensity of the workouts as we become more accustomed with the exercises. I hope that by the end of these four weeks, you’ll be ready to start your own weight training routine and progress to the next level of your gym journey!

This workout guide will be focused on incorporating staple movements, ensuring they are executed with proper form, and progressing at a safe rate. This may feel a bit anti-climatic for some, and if this isn’t your style–hey, no worries! This workout guide is not a one-size-fits-all.
As always, I encourage you to move your body in the way it feels best to you whether it’s gym workouts, home workouts, or workouts in nature.

Every week will include 3 workouts: a full body day, a lower body day, and an upper body day. Each workout will be anywhere from about 30 to 45 minutes long.
(I will be releasing one video at the start of each week over the course of 4 weeks and each video will have all the workouts you need for the entire week.)

You are free to mix up the workout days as you need and I would recommend at least 2-3 rest days throughout the week if you decide to add in more workouts.

Do only one workout a day and feel free to add in/substitute any of your other favorite exercises as well!

This workout guide series will be in a follow-along style meaning that I will literally take you step-by-step through every second of every workout in this guide.
If you’d prefer to go at your own pace, please see the full written workouts down below along with the time stamps, music playlists, and outfit details.

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1) Treadmill | 5 minutes
2) DB Squats | 3×10 reps
3) Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown | 3×10 reps
4) Chest Press Machine | 3×10 reps
5) Stairmaster | 10 minutes

1) Treadmill | 5 minutes
2) Leg Press | 3×10 reps
3) Leg Extensions | 3×10 reps
4) Leg Curls | 3×10 reps
5) Hip Abductions | 3×10 reps
6) Stairmaster | 10 minutes

1) Treadmill | 5 minutes
2) Seated Rows | 3×10 reps
3) Pectoral (Chest) Flys | 3×10 reps
4) Shoulder Press Machine | 3×10 reps
5) Bicep Curl Machine | 3×10 reps
6) Triceps Extensions Machine | 3×10 reps
7) Stairmaster | 10 minutes



– Lower Body Warm-Up | https://youtu.be/VSV2Sbe3M8A
– Upper Body Warm-Up | https://youtu.be/5OZM77-U2YY
– How to Use Gym Equipment | https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv-AOD6iOZkgFrDePPAkr7CfnTWfL5rtm
– How to do a Lat Pulldown | https://youtu.be/83Y3CFcgnkQ


– Sports Bra: Gilly Hicks Longline Sports Bra (Medium)
– Leggings: Oner Active Effortless Leggings (Small, Short (I’m 5’3″))



Day One:
Smile for You (Instrumental) – Vicki Vox
Can’t Wait for You (Instrumental) – Deanz
Better – Gamma Skies ft. Emmi
sorry i was bitter – Filthy the Kid, dasloe
Conman – Tyra Chantey
Young – Chris Coral ft. AdamAlexander
Nothing Comes Close – Craig Reever ft. Andy Delos Santos
You’re Not Different – Hallman
Get Away – Sum Wave

Day Two:
Dive (Instrumental) – Lvly
Sleepless (4AM) – Loving Caliber
Battle Scars (All U Gonna Get) – Lil’ Loca ft. Anthony B. Quinones
Let Me Hear You Say My Name – House of Say
Lucid Dreams – Tape Machines ft. Eyre
Wild – Lvly ft. Vicki Vox
On Hold – Zorro
I Don’t Need You – Vicki Vox
Not Like Them – DJ Mayson
Leave Me Breathless – Zyke
Seven You – Vacancy

Day Three:
Liability (Instrumental) – Tape Machines
Little Did I Know – Vicki Vox
SHOP – Zorro
Alpha and Omega – ELWIN
Don’t Make Sense – Lvly ft. Asta
Get Out of My Mind – BLAEKER ft. Andy Delos Santos
Love on Me – Katnip ft. King Sis
Smile for You – Vicki Vox
Bouger – Amaroo
Lasting – Mindme
Be Free With Me (Chez Remix) – Siine
Arms of Gold – Tape Machines

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