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what i eat in a week | post workout meal edition | high protein, quick and easy meals

Emily Turner
what i eat in a week | post workout meal edition | high protein, quick and easy meals
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today’s video i share what i eat in a week *and a half* post workout meals edition! i share 6 quick, easy, and healthy meals with you all. below you can find the recipes to screenshot and bring along with you to the grocery store.

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0:00 introduction
1:24 quick grocery trip
1:55 chicken pesto sandwich
5:25 veggies eggs & green smoothie
7:05 breakfast tacos
7:45 summer salad and salmon
10:45 snack plate
12:52 leftovers
13:56 something new is coming?!
15:33 outro


Chicken Pesto Sandwich
-Ciabatta Rolls

Veggie Eggs & Green Smoothie:
– 2 eggs & egg whites
-bell pepper, tomato & spinach
-sourdough bread

-frozen strawberries
-frozen pineapple
-greek yogurt
-orange juice

Breakfast Tacos:
-potatoes & bell peppers
– 3 eggs
-Siete tortilla shells
jack’s salsa

Summer Salad & Salmon
-feta cheese
-salmon seasoned with lemon pepper, garlic salt, herb seasonings, and butter
bake 425 for 12-14 minutes (check temp)

Snack Plate – make how you’d like 🙂

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