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yoga and exercise for women|full body workout for women|full body strength for women|shipra pal

#yoga and exercise for women|full body workout for women|full body strength for women|shipra pal

Hello Friends, I am Shipra Pal. I am sports champ and fitness lover. Fitness and workout is my passion. Get ready to warm up/exercise/Yoga. You are going to feel great.

Fitness integrates the body, mind and soul and always keeps you positive and happy. Here I am sharing you fitness tips and daily routines for keeping your health good and fine. In the videos you can find rigorous workout and fat burning techniques. Fitness can help in keeping your heat, lungs, circulatory functions healthy and daily exercise helps in burning calories, improving muscles coordination and greatly assist in weight loss
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About fitness-
4)7days me 2 kilo kam
5)weight loss karne k upay
6),pet kam karne k upay
7)pet kam karne k upay
8),pet kam karne k gharelu upay
9)teji se vajan kaise ghataye,charbi kam karne k upay
10)fat kam kaise karne k lia exercise
11)exercise and stratchingbefore running
12)vajan kam karne k lia easy warmup
13)bellyand hips exercise
14)belly and hips fat loss exercise
, About yoga
face yoga
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